Intro is a knowledge sharing forum related to the medicine and medical treatment. We have created a community where people can come and ask questions or discuss about medicine and various medical treatments.

Safety Tips.

  • do not disclose any personal information like phone no, emails, or any information that may be used to indentify you. this is for your own safety.
  • we will never ask for your password, never disclose it to anyone on this forum or else where.
  • do not always trust people or their claims. Please verify them before taking any actions that may affect your health.
  • remember anyone can register on this site, they may be a real doctor or be pretending to be one.

What we encourage.

  • share your knowledge and experience with others about various medicine and drugs.
  • answer questions from other users who are here because they need help making a decision or find out more about a drug or treatement
  • create an environment wher people can share and help and be helped by others.
  • remember is used by all people from arround the world, there will be people with different religions nationalities, and understanding of english. When answering please ensure that you are understanding this diversity and create a safe environment for everyone to share and help.

What we dont encourage.

  • spamming of answers or any text on our forums.
  • this is a medication site please do not intently lie or pretend to be a medical specialist if you are not. This can be illegal in some countries and may lead to involvement of law enforcement.
  • name calling or insulting of users on this forum please be respectful and give the benefit of the doubt to the other users of ithis forum.
  • dog piling / inciting or baiting other users on the forum will not be tolerated.

What we will not stand for

  • any racial slurs directed at or the other members of the forum.
  • advertisement for other sites
  • do not give out links on where to buy Hard drugs or prescription based drugs or drugs that are illegal in your country.
  • do not advertise drug shops or chemists.
  • do not attempt to hack or gain account related information about any users on this forum.