10 years ago Lynwood Frizzle

Have you touched another person's palm today?

10 years ago Pirate


Yes and OOO i had my palm read, it was creepy though because the lady said i had a really short life line......

10 years ago AVATARD


I hugged the one outside my house. YES! I'm a tree hugger. THERE are you happy now!

10 years ago MsAdventure


Um, yeah. When I paid the guy at the drive-thru for coffee.

10 years ago Trish


I had to think about that for a minute, yes I shook someones hand so I guess that qualifies...

10 years ago Jeffweiser



10 years ago CityGirl21


Lol no. What a weird question but I like it! XD

10 years ago Chain-Gang Diva


Nope not today.

10 years ago Kiss My Shaz


Yes and it was hairy. I know what they've been doing.