3 months ago

People are ticked off and they're ticked off for what you have done. Yes,for what you have done. For example; the sexual revalution. Of course; when things got dicey blame the men was always the fall back plan. . They're not going to take the blame and if they did they're not going to do it anymore.

3 months ago Mark


As a feminist, and as a non feminist, I am happy

3 months ago SportsLife


First of all, learn English, cause I have no idea what you're even trying to describe to us. Second, while it is indeed sad that women have more rights than men, it honestly is better than one gender having to be locked into their house all day raising 8 kids and having to please their husband every night. So, you are over exaggerating it.

3 months ago GrowABrainStem


i know. men are totally the vics and women the perps...just check out crime stats...and i'm not just talking about crimes between men and women women r on women violently, stealing ..all sorts of cold stuff..and the only area where men r ahead of women in arrests is prostitution and the sexualization of men hang in there!

3 months ago ben


this question is uninteligeble

3 months ago Ash


Means you've got breasts developing and your body is more womanly than little girl like.

3 months ago Bubo Scandiacus


It means that you've grown breasts.

3 months ago Irina


no no no do not meet him in person do not do that no no no bad idea block him don't talk to him ever again I'm serious.

3 months ago Lexi


you should just stop communicating. Just block him or unfriend him because he's too old for u and he shouldn't be talking to u like that or talking so seriously that he wants to met u in person

3 months ago K


First, your sister is a brainless fcuking moron. Downs Syndrome is a GENETIC disorder. How exactly does she think that vaccines cause a GENETIC disorder? Of course she's sore. It'll go away. Even adults get sore after having shots. It's normal. If you want to feel horrible about "allowing something to happen", feel horrible that your let your daughter get so far behind on her shots that she needed seven at once. Why was she so far behind? Vaccines don't cause Down Syndrome and they DON'T cause autism. You've been listening to too much anti-vax bullsh*t.

3 months ago TriHarder


It isn't going to cause any damage, but it is most likely going to make her very uncomfortable for a while. Why on earth was she so behind to begin with? Learn a lesson - do well checks and vaccinations on time. I personally never allow more than two shots per visit (if it's a combo shot, only one). We go more often, but we have little to no side effects at all.

3 months ago LizB


Downs syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome, and it's not caused by vaccines. Autism doesn't result from vaccines, either. Sorry your baby is ouchy and unhappy. It won't last. Some baby tylenol or ibuprofen plus a nice warm bath may help. From now on make sure to keep up with her vaccine schedule so she won't have to catch up again.

3 months ago Papercut2008uk


no, Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, you can not get it from a vaccine or shot. Autism and other conditions of the brain have been associated (but strongly denied by many organisations) with vaccines in young chindren. 7 at all at once, honestly, very silly thing to do, but there's nothing you can do about it now. just keep an eye on her, if you notice any odd behaviour you should go strait to hospital or call an emergency line for advice.

3 months ago Katherine W


Mixing vaccines doesn't cause down syndrome, that's genetic. There's a lot of non-scientists who think they understand science better than scientists. Don't listen to them. The doctor knows his business. If he didn't, he'd be open to lawsuits. He's not going to risk his business to save some time. It's safe. Your kid will have a little soreness, about the same as if she fell. Don't sweat it.

3 months ago swbarnes2


" And my sister brought up to me mixing vaccines can cause down syndrome" Your sister is a stupid ignorant b*tch. It was VILE of her to say, that not to mention 100% wrong. Never listen to ANYTHING she has to say about parenting or health EVER AGAIN. Trust me, your child will be safer and happier. Getting your kid their vaccinations was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do. The adjuvuncts will make her a bit sore (inflammation helps activate the immune system, that's why they are there), but the idea that a couple dozen antigens are "too much" for a body exposed to hundreds a day is laughable.

3 months ago conrad


Your baby will probably have sore and maybe bruised muscles because of the needles babies can't develope down syndrome

3 months ago pugjw9896


"US" means Jehovah God AND Jesus [ as Michael the Archangel] Jesus was Jehovah's very first creation...the ' firstborn' of creation / Colossians 1:15 ] and his creation is described at Proverbs 8: 22-31 This is why the scriptures state ' us '...

3 months ago orchidmg


The Father, Creator was talking with the Son and Holy Spirit. Trinity is real.

3 months ago hillbilly


The Lord Jesus was with God the Father from the start, and the Holy Spirit was, also.

3 months ago Mr. Bluelight


It's called the "Royal We". It implies majesticness.

3 months ago Mandrake


It's a reference to the divine council. Monotheism was a later development and the writers of the OT were better considered henotheists.

3 months ago


In the first place "god" has no image. The fundies tell us that he is invisible, and is "everywhere". How can he possibly have an "image"? Why this non-existent sky daddy said "we" or "us" is meaningless.

3 months ago Amy


Apparently there are many gods . . . or, maybe, He's just confused.

3 months ago Harold


It's like the royal "we". E.g "we are not amused"

3 months ago Everard


Well the authors wanted him bigger than one human... ~

3 months ago Paul Preston


Jesus Rodriguez my neighbor?

3 months ago David S


They'd be more likely to listen than progressives.

3 months ago Redrum


He is a Jew so probably so. Democrats blame everything on Israel which is the place with the most jews in the world.

3 months ago Oops


Jesus would call for all gay liberals to be put to the sword. Read your bible.

3 months ago Thomas CNSRV


We have, we do! For you non-believers, What if the "story" of Jesus Christ is REAL?

3 months ago Spock (rhp)


show me a miracle and belief will appear

3 months ago Jack Sparrow


they'll probably deport him back to the middle east after calling him a terrorist.

3 months ago Kristine


We already do know so?

3 months ago Jeff


"Crucify him!!!... give us Barabas!"

3 months ago bluebellbkk


No, but you're delivering poor Y!A service by posting this question so often. PS Don't use 'I've done this, I've gone there, I've told her whatever' for the events that happened today. Just say I did, I went, I told her, I saw. It's fine for the events in your final para, which is about events that have happened in the past more than once.

3 months ago Ernst


I only defend Islamic people when it's towards an ignorant person that doesn't know what they're talking about. Mainly because I like correcting idiots.

3 months ago laslo


What makes you think that the Muslim population has a higher density of extremists than any other religion? Based on what factual evidence, other than fear and paranoia?

3 months ago


Any sentence that begins with "many" or "some" or "all" is impossible to answer. Many people in the US believe all "black," "African Americans," or, in today's postings, n*ggers," to leave the USA, be killed, be returned to slavery. I do not believe these people speak for the majority or are indicative of today's political views. Why is some behavior by some people - and not just Muslims - acceptable? Read the posts on Yahoo! about amending the Constitution so that women lose their right to vote. “I want the n*gg*r race to die they came from africa and they are pure scum. when?” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161229194236AA1o2ax “Why do white supremacists hate nggrs?” I HATE NGGRS AND I AM NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161229194317AA1FaYX “Black slavery was good and right. i want black people to get their chimpanzee arses back to africa. HOW LONG DO I WAIT FOR THE NGR TO LEAVE?” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161227153857AAq1fas I realize you are speaking of Muslims and the Middle East. However, that is NOT the only culture that holds the beliefs about which you are complaining. I DO NOTE that Yahoo!, despite having these "questions" reported, does NOT find an issue with them. YOU certainly could do more to stop hate in the USA than you can accomplish by questioning how Muslims in other Countries think. This is as unemotional, un-snobbish an opinion as I can or will formulate.

3 months ago i_was_myself


Conservatives say: "if it hasn't happened to me, I don't care" Liberals say: "This should never happen to anyone, that is why I care." That is the difference between liberal and conservative ideology. We don't throw Muslims under the bus simply simply because they are different.

3 months ago Ron


The real question is why conservatives don't. You know damned good and well that if the option were open, you;d do more than just spew hateful rhetoric.

3 months ago yogicskier


If you believe that I've got some prime swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you.

3 months ago Dangerous Mr.


We are not defending Muslims ;we are defending the constitutional rights of Muslim -Americans which you Cons deny that they have


It's funny how you're offended by muslim anti-gay sentiment yet you conservatives are also anti-gay. muslims and Christians are different sides of the same coin. I for one believe that all religion must be banned outright.

3 months ago Zara


My honest opinion of Muslims is that I am afraid of them. I am afraid of some of the things that have happened in Europe and around the world happening here in the USA.