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Many muslims in Europe, and the middle east think that beheading "infidels," gays, and oppressing women, and even RAPING is acceptable behavior... Just don't give me a snobby answer, but I don't even think I KNOW a republicans that wants women to not be able to vote anymore, have gays killed,...

4 months ago Ernst


I only defend Islamic people when it's towards an ignorant person that doesn't know what they're talking about. Mainly because I like correcting idiots.

4 months ago laslo


What makes you think that the Muslim population has a higher density of extremists than any other religion? Based on what factual evidence, other than fear and paranoia?

4 months ago


Any sentence that begins with "many" or "some" or "all" is impossible to answer. Many people in the US believe all "black," "African Americans," or, in today's postings, n*ggers," to leave the USA, be killed, be returned to slavery. I do not believe these people speak for the majority or are indicative of today's political views. Why is some behavior by some people - and not just Muslims - acceptable? Read the posts on Yahoo! about amending the Constitution so that women lose their right to vote. “I want the n*gg*r race to die they came from africa and they are pure scum. when?” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161229194236AA1o2ax “Why do white supremacists hate nggrs?” I HATE NGGRS AND I AM NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161229194317AA1FaYX “Black slavery was good and right. i want black people to get their chimpanzee arses back to africa. HOW LONG DO I WAIT FOR THE NGR TO LEAVE?” https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161227153857AAq1fas I realize you are speaking of Muslims and the Middle East. However, that is NOT the only culture that holds the beliefs about which you are complaining. I DO NOTE that Yahoo!, despite having these "questions" reported, does NOT find an issue with them. YOU certainly could do more to stop hate in the USA than you can accomplish by questioning how Muslims in other Countries think. This is as unemotional, un-snobbish an opinion as I can or will formulate.

4 months ago i_was_myself


Conservatives say: "if it hasn't happened to me, I don't care" Liberals say: "This should never happen to anyone, that is why I care." That is the difference between liberal and conservative ideology. We don't throw Muslims under the bus simply simply because they are different.

4 months ago Ron


The real question is why conservatives don't. You know damned good and well that if the option were open, you;d do more than just spew hateful rhetoric.

4 months ago yogicskier


If you believe that I've got some prime swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you.

4 months ago Dangerous Mr.


We are not defending Muslims ;we are defending the constitutional rights of Muslim -Americans which you Cons deny that they have


It's funny how you're offended by muslim anti-gay sentiment yet you conservatives are also anti-gay. muslims and Christians are different sides of the same coin. I for one believe that all religion must be banned outright.

4 months ago Zara


My honest opinion of Muslims is that I am afraid of them. I am afraid of some of the things that have happened in Europe and around the world happening here in the USA.

4 months ago PhotonX


Are you one of those guys who gets all worked up about the song "White Christmas" being racist? . .

4 months ago JonZ


Nah, you'd be better off taking Al Sharpton to the vets to get neutered so we can end the stupidity!


You should not call your wife a dog. It's just mean.

4 months ago Everard


You basement kids are funny. ~

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Meanwhile, back in the real world...

4 months ago BigBadSteve


You can make me feel better by shutting up.

4 months ago max.davies123


Give me a friend who actually understands me. (I love mechanics) (no one understands how things work) makes me sad because no one wants to be my friend.

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Caring for others is all I ask for.

4 months ago Gregory


No, I never gain weight when I eat a lot of food. I can eat anything that I want to and I never gain any weight. I have a really good metabolism.

4 months ago Mr Obvious


I gained some (4-5 lbs) after Thanksgiving, but then I exercised and lost it....then gained some more over Xmas...gonna exercise to lose that too. 25 mile bike ride tomorrow to start.

4 months ago Crazy About Yahoo


No, I check my weight today and still 175 lbs.

4 months ago Accepting Reality


Most likely.

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4 months ago Mrs H


No, thankfully.

4 months ago JJ


I got a ebay feedback message complementing me for being a"first class buyer highly recommended", does that count.?

4 months ago Gentle Bird


I got two today. They were from here. :)

4 months ago ...7...


None for me.. been kind of secluded in my room...sorting, cleaning and sucking up coffee. lol

4 months ago Dori aka Asep


Not me

4 months ago Jcr


Not me


I wasn't across the door today to see anyone.... so not me....

4 months ago ShouldddddaaTried


I dont leave my housee

4 months ago ?


not me

4 months ago Risen Corey


not i


Ask a liberal. Lookw at their responses to my questions about the government taking 70% of middle class earning. Hard fact. You should look it up. Very enlightening.

4 months ago ShadowDrone


Liberals and the similar types are notorious for this. They are mostly weak-minded and emotion-oriented to the point of societal detriment. They also tend to be rather totalitarian, calling for the censoring of opponents under the guise of preventing "hate speech".


Liberals are nasty.. just look in their eye's.. Woopie Goldberg, Oprah, Obama, Sheen, Adele, all nasty people... hate in the eye's...

4 months ago MIKE L


Liberals are wrong about everything

4 months ago


We live in the post-truth era. Trump is making things worse Edit: you are delusional

4 months ago Zack


Trump is racist. He insulted blacks and latinos in one of his speeches during the summer.

4 months ago Remy



4 months ago R T


Necrophilia isn't appealing at all.

4 months ago 18 gibbs 20


Last week yeah. Not today.

4 months ago


Don't be so disgusting and disrespectful.

4 months ago patrick k


absolutely inappropriate

4 months ago coraann


Sock feet. Never bare feet.

4 months ago


Geez, it's the barefoot fetish troll again. Shall I mail you the callus I grate off my heels?

4 months ago poodle power


Jack russels are bred for ratting and to them a small furry animal is prey. You should never trust a dog near a guinea pig. Everything can seem fine then all of a sudden the guinea could move or make a noise and the dog can attack.

4 months ago Jojo


You are taking one hell of a big risk by allowing your dog to be anywhere near a Guinea pig. If the dogs prey drive kicks in, which it could at any time, one snap from the dog and goodbye pig. It only takes a split second. Surely its best to be safe then sorry!!

4 months ago Lisa


Guinea pig is how it's spelled. Never leave any dog loose with a small animal pet, Next time, it could be fatal. The dog is a twerrir and terrirs were bred to KILL SMALL ANIMALS.

4 months ago WyrDachsie


NO, it is NOT ok for your pet rodent and dog to be together. They will NEVER be friends. You have a Jack Russel Terrier, bred to KILL rodents. Why don't you google Jack Russel Terriers and read all about them. Dog IS predator, guinea pig is prey animal. Dog kills prey animal. That's the way of the animal kingdom. So...if you end up with a dead piggy, you have no one to blame but yourself.

4 months ago ~Missy~


Nope, not even when you're right beside them. Your JRT's prey drive could kick in within seconds and he could snatch the little piggy up.

4 months ago GllntKnight


NO! It will become a snack, unless the JRT is so poorly bred and has no prey drive, then possibly, they're genetically bred to kill small mammals.