9 years ago Lindsey F

Okay, so here is my story: My last period was on July 18 and I usually have a fairly normal 28 day cycle. About July 27 or 28 I was messing around with my bf. We did not have sex or any penetration but I got nervous that some ejaculation as it was close to me. About two hours after I went and got Plan B and took it immediatley and then took the second does twelve hours as instructed. About two days later I took another dose of Plan B after messing around again. Today (August 9) I woke feeling very dizzy like i might pass out and a little nauseated. I decided to take a urine pregnancy test which came back negative. I am very worried still. I know that it is very unlikely that I could be pregnant seeing as there was no actual penetration. I guess my question really is what is the latest anyone has had a period after taking plan b? (I still have a few days until my normal period time) Also, how long should i wait to get a blood test from the Dr.? Thank u for ur considerate answers I am aware that taking two doses was not the ideal way to go about this and I understand that it is not the same as regular birth control. This was unplanned and I do plan on starting a regular safe birth control plan. Also, from what I have read the Plan B pill is not a abortion pill, it is an emergency prevention I would appreciate encouraging and informative answers. I already know that what I have done is not ideal. Thank you.

9 years ago Telilah22


people are annoying that don't answer exactly what your asking. they should waste someone else's time. i'm sure you know that taking 2 doses isn't good...thankyou captain obvious. = ] anyways. I took plan b on the 27th of July too. I wasn't due for my period till August 17th, I got it 2 days ago..7 days early. Plan B will make you feel like crap, it did it for me. I was fine the 1st 24 hrs and then 5 days later got sick. It happens definitely. It's a huge dose of hormones, and being that you took 2, I can see why your dizzy. Your not pregnant, so don't stress that or it'll make your period later. Everyone's different, you might get it soon..or might get it late. I don't think your going to have to take a blood test, being that there was NO penetration, but since you took 2 doses, you may actually not get your period. If anything you might spot, that's normal. Good luck and don't let these people get to you.