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Girl A: went to college, failed every class, goes on Tinder and falls "deeply" inlove with a guy she just met and gets heartbroken when she finds he just used her for sex. Doesn't have license and doesn't seem to have any interest to get it, doesn't have a job (she recently quit/got fired) had...

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Remember. To get accepted into any school, you must be among the best of all the applicants that are applying for the up-coming semester, and the pool of applicants varies every year. Just apply. You may get lucky.

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How about actually asking ur parents how much money they got upfront to waste for ur education OUT of state First. College ranking has little to do with reality of medicine industry. Do ur own research locally

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You need to clarify what you are asking. All the current MacBook Pros have a Retina display (the screen you look at) and an Intel i5 processor (the bit inside that does the work). Unless you particularly need the Pro version the Air will be fine for your needs and will do all that you need it for. Your friends are idiots and you should be updated as soon as possible.

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The Retina display delivers higher quality images to the screen, and usually at higher resolution. Still, this is an apples to oranges comparison; the i5 is a processor, and the Retina is a display. All modern Macs actually use PC hardware specially serialized for Mac OS. You should find out what processor the Pro with Retina has; it probably also has an i5.

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where you sure on that

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Of course you sound immature, you're 13 years old. And you're wrong, it was rape. The second you said no the first time, he turned it into a sexual assault. And you said no many times. Don't tell me you haven't heard about those zero-tolerance and no-means-no laws, and they're deadly serious. If you call up the local police and tell them what you just told us, they would go after him right away. At least two officers would be instructed to drop whatever they're doing, start looking for this guy and keep looking until he is found and arrested. He will then be held in custody until he sees a judge, who will decide if he can be released on bail until his trial. Since sexual assault against a child is considered an extremely violent crime, he won't get out on bail.

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It was rape because you said no, rape is about lack of consent and you didn't give any. He raped you honey, tell your parents.

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Why are you forcing unnecessary medications on your girlfriend?

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Was I wrong on my part? What can i do now?

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I don't have an agenda other than telling people I'm a atheist and why, if they ask. Top 20 Reasons christers are Abandoning Xianity in Droves 1. Christianity is cruel 2. Christianity is homophobic 3. Christianity is misogynistic 4. Christianity is based on fear 5. Christianity sanctions slavery 6. Christianity preys on the innocent 7. Christianity is based on dishonesty 8. Christianity is extremely egocentric 9. Christianity breeds authoritarianism 10. Christianity produces sexual misery 11. The Bible is riddled with contradictions 12. Christianity depreciates the natural world 13. Christianity is anti-intellectual and anti-scientific 14. The Bible is not a reliable guide to Christ's teachings 15. Christianity breeds arrogance, a chosen-people mentality 16. Christianity models hierarchical, authoritarian organization 17. Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex 18. Christianity has an exceedingly narrow, legalistic view of morality 19. Christianity encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils 20. Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions http://www.seesharppress.com/20reasons.h... ~

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How does Christendom a compare to Christendom b, and what are the differences? BY THE WAY: What I am REALLY concerned about, for 2017, is all those people out there who disbelieve in Leprechauns, and how their disbelief will destroy and dissect every scintilla of Leprechaun believers and their lives...

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Seriously? That's what you think atheism is all about? Maybe my agenda for 2017 will be to get you a dictionary.

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I want to change jobs, I am thinking travel agent or anything in travel really, I am planning a trip to Japan and doing a few repairs on my house ...that's what I have planned so far...

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Yes, somewhat. We are still waiting to theists to have the courage to reveal what they would accept as proof that there is no god. So far, we are under the impression they will not reveal what it would be for fear that we would deliver it (which is actually a very likely outcome).

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You seem to believe that Christendom is significant in some way. I don't.

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That's not what atheism is about, but you're clearly very fearful. You should do something about your terrible insecurity.

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My goal is for your pastor to have an affair and break up the church.

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Mehhhh ... something like that.


1. Raven - He was a whiny crybaby drug addict. 2. Chavio Guerrero - I heard it was because WWE thought he was too small in stature to be a champion but I've also heard they didn't think he was as talented as many believe. If you watch his matches, he made a lot of mistakes or "botches" and WWE didn't want him injuring other talent. 3. Ken Shamrock - The guy had some legitimate mental problems and true episodes of pure rage. 4. Dan severn - I don't remember him. 5. Taz - That midget? 6. Steve blackman - I've always liked him but WWE felt he lacked charisma. 7. Doink the clown - He was a f'n clown! 8. Owen hart (even if he was alive I doubt the wwe would have pushed him that far) - Owen hated being a wrestler. His heart wasn't into it, he was not dedicated or committed to wrestling. He also rubbed many people the wrong way with his cruel pranks and jokes or "ribs". Higher ups no doubt took all of this into consideration and made the decision to hold him back. 9. Bam bam bigaelo - His morbid obesity put his health at risk. Wrestlers need to be in good physical health. (Yokozuma was fired for being too fat and unhealthy.) Bam Bam is also rumoured to have had drug problems. 10. John Morrison - I will never understand what everyone loved about him. His parkour antics were cool but he had zero personality on the mike. He had the personality and charisma of a pile of dog sh-t. 11. Dean malenko - He was old when he signed with WWE. Also he did not fit the WWE profile or style. He was more old school and the WWE prefered flamboyant personalities and characters. 12. Sabu - Another drug addict with a sh---y attitude. Also did not fit the WWE character mold. 13. Shelton Benjamin - I always loved this guy but WWE felt he did not live up to his potential. Sad. 14. Savio vega - He was never really "over" with the crowd. He was just some Puerto Rican guy. 15. Ron simmons - He was black.


1. Raven : They didn't need to. He came around in an era full of main event caliber talents. I'm sure 'wellness' and attitude played a part as well. He's known to be a fairly squeaky wheel. He's a smart man though 2. Chavo Guerrero : Why would they? He's not a draw. Even if it were an homage run after Eddie, Rey was way more over and better in-ring. 3. Ken Shamrock: I remember reading about this. I don't remember exactly why though. Again, it could be the same reason as Raven: he came around in an era where there were multiple headlining faces of the company already. He also had a bit of an ego from what I understand and came off as unpredictable at times, threatening to shoot on boys in the locker room and such. 4. Dan Severn: Wasn't really over or main event caliber. 5. Taz : Too small and not that great of a wrestler. Sure, he can through suplexes, but there's not much psychology to Taz 6. Steve Blackman: Why would they? He lacked charisma, wasn't a great wrestler, and they had a stable of headliners. 7. Doink the Clown : because he was an evil clown, then a regular clown. 8. Owen Hart: Austin may be a key component in Owen hitting the glass ceiling but who knows? maybe Vince didn't see anything in Owen. 9. Bam Bam Bigelow: I like Bam Bam. I like his look and his in-ring style, but by no means was he a main event competitor. He wasn't a talker and his in-ring work was best left as a flashy spectacle. 10. John Morrison : Steroids and he probably wasn't ready. He also got a lot of backstage heat because of Melina. 11. Dean Malenko: Zero charisma, on the mic or in the ring. I think Malenko was a better technician than Benoit personally, but he was way too stoic and lacked the intensity that got Chris over. 12. Sabu : He's hot garbage. 13. Shelton Benjamin : They tried pushing Shelton. Shelton just doesn't cut it as a main eventer. Great worker. No charisma. 14. Savio Vega: BECAUSE HE'S SAVIO VEGA! 15. Ron Simmons: I think Ron would've been bigger with Nation of Domination as leader if The Rock hadn't shown up to outshine him. Plain and simple, Ron became the Arn Anderson of the Nation of Domination when The Rock showed up. Ron could wrestle, Ron could talk, and Ron could intimidate, but he didn't connect with the crowd like The Rock

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Because it didn't fit in the script the wrote

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why shouldn't they have?

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they were all mid carders