3 months ago

I'm usually great at geometry, but I just can't sem to figure this one out. Please, if you could answer and explain, that would be great.

3 months ago Krishnamurthy


The sum of two complementary angles is 90° (3x + 15) + (2x - 10) = 90° 5x = 85 x = 17

3 months ago Brainard


Add the two expressions and equate that to 90 (3x+15) + (2x-10) = 90 5x + 5 = 90 5x = 85 x = 17

3 months ago Como


5x + 5 = 90 5x = 85 x = 17 angles are 66⁰ and 24⁰

3 months ago Ahmed Aba


(3x+15)+(2x-10)=180 5x+5=180 5x=180-5=175 x=175/5=35 3x+15=3(35)+15=105+15=120 2x-10=2(35)-10=70-10=60

3 months ago Mike G


5x+5 = 90 x = 17

3 months ago


You don't even know that two complementary angles add up to 90 degrees... Or perhaps you didn't know how to solve a simple and very elementary linear equation afterwards. You inept retard.

3 months ago Dave


What do atheists think about psychiatry? As long as it fits in with evolution in some way they're happy

3 months ago


Psychiatry is better than compulsory sterilization programs in Scandinavia and Germanic countries.

3 months ago Evan


All forms of surgery used to be in the same position psychiatry is right now. Lucky humans didn't give up on surgery when we were basically 'firing a gun in the dark..'

3 months ago Sookey


The industry has "admitted" no such thing. It's true that finding the right medication for a particular patient is a matter of trial and error, but that doesn't mean it's all pseudoscience. Most psychiatric patients are able to live relatively normal lives once the right medication is found.

3 months ago Sagan Ritual


The only path to enlightenment is to pray to Richard with an open and humble and contrite heart. Ask him to help you overcome your unbelief. It's your only hope. But you'll never do that, because you just want to go on sinning.

3 months ago Campbell Hayden


Psychiatry is perfect for those who think that they have "been saved" ... someone needs to help those poor fools.

3 months ago Nathan


This has nothing to do with atheism. And Richard Dawkins is our god? Get a dictionary. Most atheists do not know or give a crap about Dawkins.

3 months ago Marc


Go and have this conversation with a neurobiologist

3 months ago Fireball


if they want a srhink they can go to one but nobody cares

3 months ago L.N.


You probably won't need to do anything. The engine management system will take steps to compensate for lower octane. If the engine doesn't knock then you won't hurt it. You may lose some performance and gas mileage though, so if the engine is really tuned for premium you should compare results to see if it is worth it.

3 months ago Dominic


You cant. The octane is based around the compression ratio of the cylinders. Higher compression = the need for higher octane. Otherwise bad things happen, pinging, knocking, etc.

3 months ago thebax2006


Put a motor in it that doesn't require high octane gasoline.

3 months ago Kevin


what does your owners manual say you need? if it is 87 or better, you can run regular unleaded. if it recommends 91 octane, that's what you need. running lower octane fuel affects mileage, and life of your engine, as well as drive-ability.

3 months ago Brown


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3 months ago Dan


Just start dumping the cheap stuff in your gas tank.

3 months ago yutsnark


Yeah, if they'd watched Netflix instead of voting.

3 months ago Leo


You do know that the Washington Times is a conservative website, don't you?

3 months ago


Didn't I read a Rachel and Arthur story in another section the other day? I don't think he's wrong, and I wonder what a 15 year old and 25 year old are doing together.

3 months ago Audrey


How hard did Rachel hit Arthur? If Rachel hit him as hard as he hit her both of them are wrong.

3 months ago ?


I am Arthur. And I m ready to pay the price for what I did. I don t have an excuse. But I can t pretend I didn t do that.

3 months ago Mick


not really but it's best to leave the first time

3 months ago Joe


As long as you have good airflow for cooling, you can leave it on for as long as you want. (As for the rest... TL, DR.)

4 months ago BShaps


Kanye West told everyone that George Bush doesn't care about black people. He also drove the economy into the ground which hurt minority populations more than the white population. Also there is the fact that very few people liked Bush, his approval was in the 20s when he left office.

4 months ago Bmore


Lack of protein

4 months ago Robel


nobody loves the hillbilly azzhole

4 months ago JimZ


I saw a recent chart with days above 90 Deg F. It was far hotter using that as a measuring stick in the 1930s than today. There was still probably about 300 ppmV CO2 in the atmosphere then. There is always CO2. If it got below about 200 ppmV, plants would probably start to die off.

3 months ago ray


they have diffetent reality. 1930 was not hot over the entire planet

4 months ago hillbilly


I was alive back then and it was hot, as we had no air-conditioning then either. I used to try to sleep at night with no covering, at all, and the sweat would run down my body, tickle my chigger and tick bites, and make me miserable. Mosquitoes would whine around and add to my itching spots with their bits, too.

3 months ago David


Nice trolling.

4 months ago linlyons


https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20... Note that it was hot in the US, not around the world. The world had been burning coal for a couple hundred years.

3 months ago Miguel


Your browser has been hijacked by a browser hijacker virus. I recommend installing Spybot: Search & Destroy, a normal antivirus (Such as Panda Antivirus), and to reset the browser. Also uninstall all extensions and toolbars you have installed.

3 months ago Amy


your browser has been hijacked by a browser hijacker virus... i recommend installing spybot: search & destroy, a normal antivirus (such as panda antivirus), and to reset the browser... also uninstall all extensions and toolbars you have installed...

3 months ago Chiara


your browser has been hijacked by a browser hijacker virus......... i recommend installing spybot: search & destroy, a normal antivirus (such as panda antivirus), and to reset the browser......... also uninstall all extensions and toolbars you have installed.........


You may have malware. Try scanning your computer with trusted applications. (Norton, McAffe etc)

4 months ago jdoe


Yes it just started doing that for me, maybe they were compromised?

4 months ago William


I don't know

4 months ago


What reason did she give when you asked her? She's the only one who knows the answer to your question, dear. You need to be askin' HER why she's still mentioning your exes after being married to you for 2 yrs. If it bugs you, ask her to stop (or chances are, she'll be another ex at some point...if you two don't improve your communication). EDIT: 7 days ago you posted about a girlfriend, and the question you asked after this one is about girlfriends. The reason you don't communicate with your wife is clearly because you don't actually have one.

4 months ago RP


If you make no mention of them, she is probably bothered by what you've said previously, something you do, or keepsakes you have from them.

3 months ago Love big words


Therapy time

4 months ago Barnes


She is insecure. You need to reassure her.

4 months ago Ace Shorty


Well hail, what does she say about her?