6 years ago mollusk

My doctor prescribed me with Celexa for depression. He said it would work better than Lexapro for my specific problem. Some information sources tell me that they are the exact same drug with different names. Others tell me that Lexapro is an improved version of Celexa. I don't know which to believe. It seems that if it is an improvement then I should just take Lexapro.

6 years ago Paul A


Lexapro (Escitalopram) and Celexa (Citalopram) are different medications, but they are "cousins", and are very similar. There is nothing Celexa works for that is better than Lexapro, and vise-versa. What makes one work better than the other is their own body chemistry. For some people, Celexa works better - and for others, Lexapro works better. Lexapro does not have a generic version right now, and it's pretty expensive. Most insurance companies want patients to try Celexa first (actually the generic) and if that doesn't work, they will approve Lexapro. I tried Celexa, and it did not work nearly as well for me as Lexapro - but that varies from person to person. I do not have insurance, and paying the difference is well worth it to me. I hope that answers your question... .