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i got prescribed lexapro and how do i know if its generic or not?? on the pill bottle it says "escitalopram".....i rather not take the generic because I've heard it has worse side effects. my doctor didnt even ask me which one i want

3 months ago Bill


If it doesn't say the brand name "Lexapro" it's generic.

4 months ago john


Believe it or not, you yourself have control over your social anxiety. We all have social anxiety to some degree--it's a matter of learning better habits of thinking AND just plain old practicing 'being out there' among people and interacting with them. Get a couple of good 'How to make friends' and 'how to communicate' books and put what you learn to use. And read the book, "The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders" by John E Sarno MD. The truth is that modern medicine has taken people in the wrong direction by convincing people that 'social anxiety' is an illness or disease of some kind when it is not. Your so-called 'social anxiety' in your case s really a distraction that your brain has unconsciously created to keep you from living daily life. If you've missed school for 2 months (that's a long time!) and continue to miss school, you're only feeding into your man-made disorder of 'social anxiety.' ...and you're only going to make your life harder in the long run by bailing out of life. So as my father would say, "Pull yourself up by the bootstraps" and get out there in the world. BTW, 0.25 mg of xanax is a very small amount. USE IT for now. But get yourself back in school and quit thinking that you've got "social anxiety disease." After all, do you think any of the other kids can SEE your social anxiety? NO. Act normal and they'll assume you're normal, too, just like they are. [Where are your parents in all of this anyhow?]

4 months ago Gert


TAKE YOUR DAMNED PILLS. You can't feel worse than you already feel. Knot head.

4 months ago John


The denial is wrong, pure and simple. Read your denial notice and your appeal rights and use them. Social Security would never ever have allowed you if you do not have a medical impairment. DVR is funded by the Federal Government. Don’t hesitate to go to your Member of Congress or Senator if you have to. And if you do go for assistance call in person at his local office. You need to sign consent forms to get help. If you call in person you can sign them right there and speak with the Aide who handles claims such as yours. You need to persist. You are entitled to assistance from DVR. Sadly, you have to fight for it. But do fight.

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Go to the protection and advocacy org for your state--they watch over VR services. They provide free legal help. You do not get an award from these cases either. Explain that you attempted to apply for VR and the counselor turned you down as VR eligible. But when you do the intake you have to be honest with these people. Did the counselor actually say these words. They need to investigate everything in order to make a factual determination. They are going to talk with the counselor you were first assigned the counselor's supervisor and review any materials you were submitted. You have to sign/date and return a form specifically giving them permission to do this


If all you have spoken to is one individual worker? Than I suspect s/he didn't want to get assigned your case. The first person you talk to has a lot of power about whether your case goes forward or not. They only want cases that are going to be resolved and be resolved quickly. Go back and say you want to speak with someone else.

4 months ago sondra


Did you get a lawyer to help you? The lawyer will see to it that they pull your medical records. Some lawyers won't even take your case on mental health unless you are at least 45 years old. I don't know about every state, I guess it's different everywhere. I got my SSI the first time I applied, but I had tons of medical records from the psych wards I had been in and my parents committed me two times and even my own psychiatrist committed me once against my will. My advice is contact a lawyer who only works on these cases and explain your situation,.


Hi so as most of the world is the living dead why should you be any different.

4 months ago Developer


That doesn't sound like paranoia to me, but it does sound like you might have general anxiety disorder. Convince your mom to let you consult a psychiatrist (tell her that you don't have a mental disorder, but that you need a psychiatrist's advice on dealing with your anxiety). Then that psychiatrist can give you a solid diagnosis, as well as what you should do.

4 months ago big


Sounds like you've become highly stressed and ended up with a bit of anxiety. Good news! You can treat it yourself as it is exam stress and self pressurising. Drop the pressure, talk to your friends and family and learn better ways of coping

4 months ago Jet


Can you not get help like see a counsellor or therapist. Usually this is offered free on the health service of your country or insurance. Definitely sounds like you need it as you are depressed and anxious.

4 months ago aditya


Go for a psychiatrist! And please start MEDITATION!!

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More info: I essentially want to minimize withdrawal symptoms as I'm already waking up feeling quite depressed (xanax withdrawal) and don't get me wrong I'm really healthy, I work out every day and I am doing really well otherwise. I love how Xanax is helping my anxiety, but I do not want to reach dependency or the point where it becomes absolute hell to get off of it. My current plan is to reduce my dose by 0.25mg until I see my doctor, but again, I want to quit ASAP.

4 months ago ?


Lol lexapro withdraws are literally nothing compared to xanax withdraws. But anyways xanax is really good I take 2.5 - 3 mg of xanax whenever I wanna relax and get wasted

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Whichever approach to quitting you decide to use, your caution about the xanax is a very good sign. If you have trouble, of course you'll want to talk with the doctor about it. In an answer you recently rated Best, there was information about mind-body methods. I'd like to mention that therapists are seeing how this and CBT can work together. In an article they wrote on GAD, Roemer and Orsillo of the Univ of Massachusetts said that the self-monitoring of cognitive therapy can be thought of as a mindfulness exercise. One of mindfulness' uses in daily life is helping people to stay in touch with their feelings, noticing bad moods shifts when they occur, which prompts people to spot the negative thought that triggered the mood shift. Like CBT, mindfulness training teaches people to respond calmly to negative thoughts, let them go, not struggle with them, and a few moments of slow, deep breathing is a simple, effective way to calm down. There's a program that's been more popular in the UK than in the US - Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. It uses MBSR , the classic mindfulness training program, as a way to help people deal with obsessive rumination. If you go to the MBCT website, you can see studies showing that this was shown to prevent relapse after depression like antidepressant. MBSR founder Jon Kabat-Zinn co-authored a book with the other MBCT researchers - The Mindful Way Through Depression.

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Might I suggest that you seek professional help like a Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist. You might even want to try prayer "1 Thessalonians 5:17", OK. Sincerely a caring friend!