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So I'm 14 and for a while now I have been Feeling very sad and I think it's depression because it runs in my family and whenever I look up how I feel it says I'm depressed. I am also very insecure so that just makes it worse. I don't know what to do anymore because it's getting so bad that there...

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Normal adolescent mood swings are hard to get through, but hang on -- they will eventually go away.

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Self esteem is one issue. But the main thing is to not focus on yourself, but on others. If your constantly thinking about yourself, you will miss out on the fun in life. But if you add others into your mind, then you will shift your mindset from "I'm not beautiful because I'm ugly" to "I might not be perfect, but it's what is on the inside that matters." Thoughts and choices are EVERYTHING. I mean it. Part of the reason I was so rebellious as a child was whenever I asked my parents why to do something, they replied "Because I said so." I had no real motivation to do anything because of it. But I soon realized that I was serving myself by serving others. Not only was I happier because of it, but I was more successful in the long run. Now if someone is making you feel this way, don't encourage it. Kindness is a 50-50 relationship, not a 100-0 or a 0-100. But don't fight them either. Just move on. Like I said, thoughts and choices are EVERYTHING. Go to WikiHow or therapy for more.

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Verify and get it confirmed. If you want to know what is that "something", you should make some self-analysis, study, examine and consider. Or investigate the matter with the help of a detective agency. I mean if you want best results, you should go for a thorough medical check up.

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You just are insecure darling

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Could be bipolar, so see a dr. Or it could just be depression. It means your brain is not producing sufficient serotonin. Depression is common but easy to treat. So tell a dr. how you feel and ask for an antidepressant.------- The one that worked best for me was Sertraline. It takes 2-3 wks for your body to adjust to it during which time you will have trouble staying asleep. But, after that, you will become a relaxed, confident, healthy person.------------------------ Find some big happy churches, attend age-appropriate groups there and have fun. Talk with the pastor/minister. A good one can show you how to have perfect peace. And where else can you get counseling for FREE? Remember, God loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

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Bipolar moods are a lot more serious that what you've described and last weeks or months before changing, not hours or days. Rapid mood swings are a normal part of a depressive illness. See a doctor.

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See/study my other posts especially karma therapy = and what is vitally important is to choose your healing route- for this problem ----- carefully from good information—that means knowing druggs/meds treatment for this can/will be damaging to your mind and body .drugs only mask the symptoms they do not cure. This info will save ---years of suffering = if you apply it .. All treatment recommended by the doctors should be tested and approved and quite rightly so. That makes sense It costs millions of pounds to test and approve just one treatment. Drug companies pay for most testing and I mean only look at treatments, which show the promise of good deal of a profit, --they will actively dismiss any therapy which does not have profit potential— thus your doctor will only recommend therapies that have been tested with profit potential in them. Despite The fact that some of these other therapies mentioned below do have overwhelming benefits some, which have saved massive amounts of suffering Drugs are not the answer for any mental illness-- at best they mask symptoms This is a fundamental principle grasp this fully – Have you heard your local doctor recommend, Massage Spiritual healing, reiki Light therapy, Colour therapy, the violet ray therapy, Osteopathy, Electrical Frequency devices. Karma therapy and u wont because no one can put a patent on these powerful therapies . For much more info/ detail and research behind this protocol Go here http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/theholi... Upon joining this group you will be sent a book giving the info –or go to the files section within the group and u will see it there Print this all off save it and enact it and share it --- of course someone to help you get these therapies in your life is invaluable but do not be swayed by anyone trying for short cuts … . 1,get someone to massage your back and legs at least 3 times a week use peanut oil or a mix of 50-50 olive and peanut oil. 2 use the violet ray machine an Edgar Cayce device google search this --- 3 times a week on the other days especially on the spine….we use it every day with very positive results 3.get a tent sleep out side 3times a week utilising earth energy - nature can help big time especially with how you feel how much energy you have 4 study and apply good nutrition— adele davis books =protein minerals =iron essential fatty acids omega 3 6 9 protein etc 5 get the book Shades of sadness by david mcmillin and then renamed case studies in depression ISBN-10: 0876043856 this book is worth getting and studying .This book goes through in detail how spinal misalignments ,glandular secretions mental attitudes ,injuries, toxins all play a massive part in depression . 6 ensure you do at least I hr per day some kind of voluntary work when you are able..the reasons you are ill , or poor or have allsorts of bad things happen to you is because of karma -----usually from past lives but some from this one –voluntary work will offset your mistakes--- how much it offsets well that is down to god and how much you do. Healing us is in direct proportion to the help we give others ie your healing comes with helping others achieve theirs so if people are doing very little in helping others ---they suffer more and longer...and if they are doing a lot they get well faster....so now you know what to do ,,and like a lot of us are already doing being of service. 7 be amongst people who are giving, friendly who have time for you who love you , choose your friends well . choose your company well. 8 get to a place which personally love or like 9 do some work which you like or love 11 spiritual healing and reiki find good therapists who offer this service in your area many spiritualist churches which are all around offer this for free as part of their vocational offerings to the divine. 12 focus your mind - think good positive thoughts, laughter, look at comedy, play good uplifting music, 13 avoid at all costs exposure to violence, murders, suffering ,death ,tragedies, -feed upon good things uplifting things, things that feel like a breath of fresh air.. 14 Positive affirmation- t programme your self in the mirror , thoughts are things words are things actions are things , all have influence, few people realise these things can have an effect on themselves . 15 get a detox ------ toxins can influence how you feel big time 16 hugs get plenty of them in your daily life you would be amazed at how people feel after a few decent hugs.== find a big tree and hug that. . 17 loads of exercise running walking climbing but something which you enjoy 18 light therapy sunshine /light box and vitamin d and ensure water intake 2 litres a day 19. Try counciling with someone you can confide in who listens 20 essential oils can change the way you feel big time ,get to a therapist who works with them and get trying them ,each person is different so work with your therapist ,quality of the oils is paramount we are using do terra, youngs 21 Bach flower remedies SEE A THERAPIST or research the essences you are drawn too and try them research all the testimonials.. A total cure however is tied up with karma so you can imagine just how important is the voluntary work. The more u do the better u will feel .

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Even if this was the end of the 19th century, he would still be considered inferior for a black by those standards.

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100% the opposite.

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Nope..... there is no doubt that he will go down as the absolute worst. Deal with it


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Maybe only on opposite day.

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based on what?


I agree, he will.

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just tell a friend at least but at some point u must tell ur mom so u can stop the pain but really u shouldn't cut in the first place... there's no need for u to go through that

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So you basically want to transfer your depression on to everybody else. And you're also looking for ways to do it by cutting yourself.

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Its hard to do but itll be better once you do.

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It is the Pon Farr. Especially if you need to Maté every seven years. If not it could be SAD. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

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It could be weather related. I know someone who suffers from depression when the weather changes. Hope this helps!

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hugs i would have to guess bipolar or maybe something not uite depresion. btw bipolar is visciously strong and is countered but strong manic epsidoes full ov energy . god si testing u to care oabut eveyrone purely love god an lvo egood people who care. btw if u cn aidentify him uc na tell the police. if u ned to talk to someoen [email protected]

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if it is usually around the winter time then you may have SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

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I'd avoid him like the plague. Nothing will bother him more than you simply ignoring his friend request. After what he did to you, leave him hanging, wondering, and, hopefully, regretting he's lost you. That's exactly what I'd do. It may not get even, but it will save you future grief at his hands.

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This guy will give you nothing but pain. It would be best to delete his FB request and block him again, so that you are not reminded of him every time he sends a request to you. Don't get involved with this guy. Do you really want to go through all that pain again?

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You are revealing your stupidity and that's too bad for you. When The Trump Administration starts making America Great Again, all the stupid losers like yourself will lose out again and be left behind to wallow in the departed dust of the soon to be defunct Democrat Party.

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Lowering taxes on corporations and implementing tariffs on foreign products stupid. Trump has said that a billion times that's how he's going to do it

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Doing away with Free Trade would be start. You can thank Bill Clinton for sending jobs overseas

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You libs just can't grasp the idea of freedom. You have a driving need to be taken care of, and to be cared for by government. It's pathetic to see how damn helpless you libs are.

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He doesn't have to bring them back. He will just tweet out that he did bring them back, and his fans will simply beleive him because he said it.

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He said all that sht before and if its before it doesn't mean anything, don't you understand the Donald?

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He won't. Manufacturing is over. Stupid white trash will never get a job again, unless they can somehow get smart enough to get a degree. But that's never going to happen, so they should just kill themselves.

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Wake up klown he lied and carrier still moved

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He won't

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So you are interested in things that do not exist...you can become a fiction book writer if you are any good but you may not be successful as there are people out there that have incredible imaginations and are very good at writing fiction. Good luck!

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you haven't accomplished anything meaningful to sufficiently satisfy your ego....probably because you're a dysfunctional idiot.....

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You're not in a committed relationship if you having sexual relations with you sister's man. You've allowed yourself to get feelings for someone you shouldn't really have romantic feelings for and now you've become all emotional over the situation. You need to stop being a people pleaser and start doing what you know is right. If you're in a relationship, you need to get your sexual pleasure with whom ever you're in this committed relationship with. Stop caring about pleasing your BIL and do what's right.

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You need to stop drinking, and start USING YOUR HEAD, not let men just do whatever they want to do, but set boundaries AND KEEP THEM. If you don't want to be thought of, and treated like a slutt.

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