3 months ago

I just did and now I'm parinoid

3 months ago Tarkarri


No. What made you think it was even a possibility?

3 months ago april


shut up

3 months ago ashley


no not at all

3 months ago octavia


hello, no you do not have any "std" you should be worried about, givin that you are a virgin. jerking off IS fine, however there has been some theory on whether or not it is ok to do so often, see freud. If you want to stop, just do drugs intead,\.

3 months ago kelvin


well you don't have any of those things

3 months ago James


It's okay to masturbate.

3 months ago pit bulls bite


use lube

3 months ago shomari b


Please get off the the internet....

4 months ago IAgirlBAM


Could be mastitis - a breast infection. Time to see a doctor.

4 months ago Lili


Wear sunscreen every day, stay out of bright sunlight, and your skin will probably lighten up some. However, note that skin naturally darkens with age anyway.

4 months ago


No, probably not because in 1 winter you've changed your pigment color.

4 months ago lucy


Put simply, when you go to the ER and if it is an emergency, they treat it and then release you to follow up with an specialist or doctor for further treatment. The problem with cancer, is that even though they handled with surgery and let go, is that most likely this person will need chemo, radiation or more surgery (not emergency), thus the care will be continuous for months/year to either be cancer free, or given more time to live. Cancer is expensive, and could cost over a MILLION or more to treat, and that could be just chemo or radiation and not surgery. A close friend of mine, her husband has lung cancer and has been treating for over a year, and to date, the cost is 2 MILLION dollars that insurance has paid for. So, most doctors/hospitals with that kind of expenses will not treat, since it is one thing to "write off" maybe $25,000 to $50,000 for emergency treatment, but will not for millions. So, poster Judith is correct, can apply for disability and depending on the disability may qualify for Medicaid or even Medicare to pay for ongoing treatment.

4 months ago Amy


Emergency rooms treat people who they can do something immediate for. If you don't have insurance they send you a bill, and yes you can make a payment plan, but if it's really expensive you end up declaring bankruptcy. (The government gives some money to hospitals to cover their uncollected bills. Everyone complaining about Obamacare subsidies doesn't understand that their taxes were already paying for other people's medical care.) However, emergency rooms do NOT do long-term treatments or fill prescriptions. If you can't pay for those, you don't get treated.

4 months ago Diane A


County hospitals bill only on ability to pay, medicaid may be an option as well

4 months ago tro


normally in the US when a citizen has such problems and even to the point of death having run up lots of medical bills, the members of that person's family will probably be contacted to offer help my dad at one time applied for some kind of county assistance and my brother and I were both contacted to provide some of the assistance he was asking for when he found out that were were contacted, he withdrew not wanting either of us to be burdened with his problem

4 months ago


People die , that what happens. Think about it . In about, 90 to 100 years from now. Every single person that is alive right now , everyone on the entire earth right now, All the billions of people will all be dead, All of them , everyone alive today will be dead. From babies that were born today, everyone you know , all of the Billions of people all dead.

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If you're poor, then you qualify for Medicaid.

4 months ago Casey Y


Go ahead and read about Medicaid.

4 months ago


If you have a parent that has a specific sign it's just chance. Everyone in my family was born in May, besides me, so it's really just random.

4 months ago


Why are you so mad at Monica? She is nice All your scorpio posts are about her

4 months ago Garrett


Where do you guys come up with these ideas? Geez. you masturbated for 3 hours and just did not ejaculate until the end. So what. And semen does not come from your testicles. Your testicles really do nothing during masturbation other than draw up and get out of the way. The sperm that is mixed with your semen is from the epididymis, not the testicles. guys get turned on all the time then don't release- several times a day. All normal.

4 months ago Rasputin


What does masturbating have to do with cancer? It you do not smoke, do drugs, or other risky stuff then you are not a cancer risk.

4 months ago Tortilla Soup


Nope. Cancer is not caused by Sperm.

4 months ago Katie Brown


You have testicular cancer and need to get castrated before the cancer cells spreads all over your body. THIS IS URGENT SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY AND GIVE A LENGTHY DETAILED SUMMARY TO YOUR PHYSICIAN.

4 months ago Hermes


It's not dirty - it certainly isn't something I would do (I love masturbation but making it last longer than needed does not appeal to me), but it isn't dirty. Hermes

3 months ago Jim N


With all the Nicaraguan scams out there I don't believe this is anyway legit. If it is, I am sorry. Also if you are truly asking some one for help take the time to use correct grammar and spelling. It's a much more impressive request and doesn't scream spam.

4 months ago sarah



4 months ago Maris


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4 months ago Anonymous


Tell Tim to get a job

4 months ago Stacey


are you for real? do you really believe all the bs he's laying on you? lady, you need to get on with your life! there's no "tim"... there's no mother or daughter or ex-wife...

4 months ago Wayne Z


Man.....I hope this is just a troll....... "Tim" does not exist. He is a Nigerian scam artist. If you have sent him money, you have been ripped off.

4 months ago g


Christmas miracle - take your medication.

4 months ago Ambistoma


Sorry, you lost any scrap of credibility the moment you mentioned Nigeria.

4 months ago Lievia


tell tim to get a job

4 months ago Ruchjat Kosasih


Salam.In those days smoking is makruh but now based.on ijma of ulamas smoking is haram because it can make addiction and based on health research it will give bad effect to our health such as impotency lung csncer etc.Ciggarettes contain more than 20 kinds of poison

4 months ago Ben


AR But you saw Izzys answer on this one. https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/in... Hey Danny, it makes no difference whether you recognise the authorities or not. Once they have you in custody and are regularly water-boarding you, and they are pumping the flint stones theme tune into your cage (24/7 on full volume)...we┬┤ll be the ones chuckling then lol

4 months ago Green


Smoking is haram.

4 months ago



4 months ago Islam Gnosis


Some Imams says it's Haram Some Other Imams Says it's Halal , I Think it's Halal . Usually Most Yemeni Imams whether Sunnis , Zaidis , Sufis , or whatever Consider Smoking to be indeed Halal . @ The Inferior White American Bastard , You are just a Cuckold who demands sharia law for POW sex slaves to sell your mommy to my Arab hammer you dirty filthy american coward , why are you hiding in USA the no 1 state sponsor of terror , come on to Egypt show me your mother's vagina i will buy her and you as slaves and fulfill your fantasy and treat you like a slut you dirty american bastard . @ The American Cuckold , if You are a Real Man , Come on To Egypt and try to show me your " disrespect " in my face , you say i'm your enemy ,Great , come on take revenge of your enemy , show me your face you little american cuckold and yeah i've already reported you to the "FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center" for all the death threats you have sent me , come on show me your face here if you are a real man , you are just a cuckold who want to sell his non muslim mother lol .

4 months ago RandomGurl


May allah guide us all