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It's just another reason why they should both be behind bars.

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Everyone enjoys sex. Are you asking if all men USE women for sex? Absolutely wrong.

3 months ago Kathy


False. Some men are asexual.


False. Some man are virgin, and want a good woman to marry first.

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True All women want sex too? TRUE

3 months ago laduron7


False, there will always be exceptions. But a very small number of exceptions.

3 months ago Crazy About Yahoo


Mostly True but we do want a little more of other things.

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People often fall in love with the Bible while reading the Psalms. For others it is the Proverbs. Still the Book of John with "In the beginning was the Word..." also strikes the chords of the heart, with the mind giving voluntarily giving approval also. The Bible has words of comfort, words that give hope, words that provide strength and peace while you are walking through the shadow of death, and the Bible has words of celebration, words that inspire joy, words that set afire a cold heart, and words that give you a sense of awe and gratitude for the life you have in God. So to talk about being better written and contradictions, those are the subjects for those who have not yet felt the Bible.

3 months ago Gman


Contradiction were due to different writers giving different observation of the same account. Other contradictions were errors while copying the manuscripts but these ones were corrected when older manuscripts were found and these errors were revieled and removed in the latest versions of the Bible.

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I don't think you have grasped what the Bible is. It is not popular fiction aiming for the best seller list. Is the the story of God's revelation of Himself, over time, to humanity. What you believe are contradictions are an unfolding, a revelation, of God over time as man has developed the ability to comprehend Him. He seems to have over-shot your ability by several centuries.

3 months ago Den B7


No they wouldn't If Harry Potter stories were better written, only the same people would read them.

3 months ago quaz


[1] It's not meant to be read like any other ordinary book. It's god's book. If it was written more smoothly it wouldn't be god's book. God has issues with this world. Hence his book should be difficult to understand. [2] But yes. IF it were without difficulties (contradictions) then more people could ignore it.

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The Bible has no contradictions. Just poorly functioning minds trying to maje it seem there are contradictions. Mostly it depends on the contexts.

3 months ago Paul S


Contradictions are an illusion created by Skeptics who purposely sound bite and compare two things by two different authors out of context and often at different times regarding different people or events

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Satan quoted from the Bible but he contradicted what it says just like his human minions-Jhn 8:44;Matt 4.

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Unfortunately, that's not the case.

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No, it is not offensive; it is just not the Hebrew word for it. Shoah is the Hebrew term. If you get to Jerusalem, go to the Shoah museum. In a very real sense, it was a Holocaust, not of animals, but of the Chosen People of God.

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Maybe NOT> God gave the Jews ammunitions, both spiritually and physically, so strong n resilient people that they were able to travel n survived in the most unforgiving desert for 40 years.

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I have seen no evidence that the holocaust happened in the first place. Even if it did happen, what is so damn special about the Jews? The Tutsis in Rwanda were slaughtered all of 20 years ago, nobody cares about them. Nobody cares about the victims of the Khmer Rouge, or the victims of the Armenian genocide, or the Ukrainians starved to death in the holodomor. It's only the Jews we're supposed to listen to as they endlessly ***** about the so called "holocaust"

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Of course not. It was a Holocaust for that entire culture.

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No, not the term, just the act.

3 months ago Benjamin


No one cares where the word is derived from. We know what it means now.

3 months ago Evan


I think they are far more offended by having their relatives being forced to suffer it.

3 months ago Everard


No ~

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What a fuckwit, how is buying a item (flag) and burning it to protest the same ******* thing as without consent steal personal information? How is doing that even ******* speech? Could I break into people's homes under the guise of free speech? Of course not


Stealing personal information and distributing it to the public is illegal. That's why your phone isn't permanently tapped. Defamation of flags that you own is legal because you own them. You can do what you want. Burning someone *else*'s flag is a crime. This is 3rd grade stuff. Do try to keep up.


Yes, I think that as long as they are not considered matters of national security than the act of releasing the e-mails itself is probably protected. It's the manner of retrieval that would be criminalized. It is also possible that it can be considered distribution of stolen property, but don't quote me on that.

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Except flag burning is not a reckless stretch. Flag burning is not a criminal act. Hacking is. Your argument does not work. Just like, law enforcement would not help you to get back a necklace that you stole from someone. You have to have clean hands.

3 months ago Mr. NiceGuy


If I break into your computer and email your family and everyone you know and work for/with the list of websites you visited in the last 5 years, that is invasion of privacy.


Stop attempting logic. It doesn't suit you.

3 months ago John W


Typical conservative flawed logic.

3 months ago ThatGuy


No. The EPA passed regulations to ban certain wood stoves for cleaner less polluting wood stoves. It is a pretty strict regulations but wood burning has not been banned.

3 months ago connor


No, they should be equipped with warm clothing for outdoor use, which they can wear indoors if they lose power.

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You are completely misunderstanding what you are reading.

3 months ago deontaj


Yea in africa. Maybe you should move there and never come back

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It is clear that someone should do this to donalds entire family.


bada why do you ask these stupid questions

3 months ago Bruce


Your assumption that God reveals himself with a holy book is false. He revealed himself primarily in the lives and teachings of his prophets, culminating in the perfect revelation of Jesus, who was God living among us. The books of the Bible were written to explain these events.

3 months ago laidawestbrook2


John 4:24 24 God is a Spirit,+ and those worshipping him must worship with spirit and truth.”+

3 months ago G C


Consider, how many rulers pen their own laws? Or do they not use scribes which had better get it right? And how is it to be in the physical except by physical means? PS God walked the earth and people still did not follow Him. If He appeared, what would He look like that would convince you? And He would have to appear physical because our eyes can only see the physical realm. You are not thinking this through.

3 months ago Sancho


God has revealed himself pedogogically. First to the descendents of Abraham and then to the world through Jesus Christ and his disciples (the Church). Theology is the systematic analysis of God's revelation.

3 months ago Forrest Toney


It would cause you to self spontaneously human combust (Mal. 3&4) unless you have been obeying all of Jesus' sayings long enough so that you have only Godly habits .

3 months ago Scott B


Who said God "needs" a Holy Book written by men. God has a history of working with His creation to accomplish His goals. It for our benefit not His. God will "reveal Himself" soon enough, may be too late for you by then.

3 months ago Jeff


Great question, eh? Especially given that cult book so full of obvious errors, that an average third-grader can find half of them without help from anyone else...


God has made obvious revelation of His power in creation.

3 months ago Ernest S


Why must He reveal Himself to those that do not want Him? You don't seem to have thought this out.

3 months ago Jason


The scope is so broad were all schizophrenic.

3 months ago Fruth


oh, yes. maybe they'll be entitle to a family discount at the local mental hospita. better do it quickly before the fools burn down your home and you, the sane one, winds up in the homeless shelter.

3 months ago Dangerous Mr.


Hey Azzzzole There are no graves

3 months ago Philllll


9/11 was hilarious

3 months ago better_off_here


Your trying to invoke people's anger by asking this and it proves you have too much time on your hands.


Neither would have an effect on me. You'll still be a powerless niqqer. LOL


When is your winter break over? Didn't your high school give you a book or two to read?

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I see the trolls are out in force today.

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Hey can we get together and go do it, send me a address we can meet at

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I peed in the ocean hoping it would find OBL.


Yeah sure whatever.