3 months ago

I already have 4 kids, and now my kids want another kid. What do I do? What would you do if you were in this situation?

3 months ago Flower


As a mom who has four kids already I wouldn't let my kids decide. Having kids cost more money. Can you handle more kids financially? If it's just a matter of playmates invite some kids over. I would in no way let my children decide for me. They aren't the ones who pays the bill and plans for the future. Maybe tough love wouldn't hurt don't let them walk all over you!

3 months ago Violet


Tell them to grow up and push one out themselves. You're not a birthing machine.

3 months ago elyria


Its not their decision...dont have one if you don't want to

3 months ago Paul Preston


Jesus Rodriguez my neighbor?

3 months ago David S


They'd be more likely to listen than progressives.

3 months ago Redrum


He is a Jew so probably so. Democrats blame everything on Israel which is the place with the most jews in the world.

3 months ago Oops


Jesus would call for all gay liberals to be put to the sword. Read your bible.

3 months ago Thomas CNSRV


We have, we do! For you non-believers, What if the "story" of Jesus Christ is REAL?

3 months ago Spock (rhp)


show me a miracle and belief will appear

3 months ago Jack Sparrow


they'll probably deport him back to the middle east after calling him a terrorist.

3 months ago Kristine


We already do know so?

3 months ago Jeff


"Crucify him!!!... give us Barabas!"

3 months ago Sara


Nobody here can tell you if you are pregnant. You need to go to a doctor (or family planning, or planned parenthood) for a pregnancy test.

4 months ago


*SIGNs* Are for Entertainment ONLY. There is no scientific nor spiritual connections beyond the medieval ages. If you think it has real meaning; the Christian Church will burn you at the stake, and the Islamic will cut off your nose and hang you upside down. That is really terrible, as your pocket change falls all over the ground.

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4 months ago Pippin


You don't have a baby bump at 2 months. And if you are irregular, you are not late. I'm not clear why you didn't get Emergency Contraception, but it's not too late to report the rape, and get tested for STIs.

4 months ago Mir Quasem


Consult a doctor.

4 months ago


Go to the doctor and start making better choices.

4 months ago Winter


Negative means not pregnant

4 months ago alan P


Take one pill per day every day which means that after 28 days you have to start the next pack. Make sure you have the next pack ready and do not run out. Get several months supply at a time if you can. The 7 sugar pills are just there to keep you in the habit of taking something every day and have no real effect.

4 months ago Serene E


Google women's sexual health, or women getting orgasms. You'll have to sort thru the porn. Men have to use foreplay to get women wet. If they get you wet enough, there shouldn't be any pain. If you're not wet enough, don't let him enter you. If he's not skilled enough, experienced enough, then you need another guy.

4 months ago Gert


That's OCD. You are obsessing over the negative possibilities of life.

4 months ago Remy