7 years ago the smoken man

Some people are drawn to alcohol for natural reasons. Many are drawn to alcohol, almost naturally because it is medicinal to them. In cases people can both, think better and increase mental capabilities under the influence of alcohol. For example someone that has social anxiety can further succeed in social situations and feel more "normal" under the influence of alcohol, which can cause them to easily be drawn to it as an attempt to self diagnose. Many people legitimately feel they can function better under the influence of alcohol because of something it provides them. Something that achieves their brain's satisfaction in aiding a natural abnormality or disorder. But, what disorder or abnormality is most common in attempting to self diagnose by comsuming alcohol?

7 years ago Anna


I believe the diagnoses for this would be "Alcoholism." People that drink to make themselves feel socially accepted, smarter or attractive, ususally have the disease called Alcoholism. "Normal"(non-problem drinkers) people do not need alcohol to feel the above. For more information I would suggest going to Google and typing in Alcoholism to get more information.