8 years ago Coolkid3

our class did a lab and it turned out that alcohol and hand sanitizer were the best cleaning products for hands. Bleach was the worst cleaning product. Why did this happen? What is in alcohol and/or hand sanitzer that makes them a better cleaning product for hands that is not in bleach?

8 years ago AsItIs


Not sure where this was done, but I took a Microbiology class with Prof. McCutcheon at Massasoit Community College & hand sanitizer actually just brings whatever germs/bacteria,etc. to the surface & it stays there til you actually wash them off. It's more dangerous. It's better to use soap & warm water; it's the friction that helps get rid of things. It's the chemical make-up of alcohol that makes it so good. I highly recommend you speak with a Chemistry teacher or professor for that. I also recommend Dr. Marganian at Bridgewater State College, who is a great Chemistry professor.