3 months ago

We're on a tight budget for our wedding. We've decided to have an alcohol free wedding reception. Now we're dealing withA lot of backlash. Did you get any grief fom people over this? We just want to have a nice wedding without people getting trashed on our dime.

3 months ago Briia


There a cheap wines in Walmart beers, coolers, and if you go to the liquor store there are cheap liqour, real tiny bottles of liquor also good luck my friend

3 months ago Audrey


You're dealing with what? TELL ME YOU STRANGER!

3 months ago William


I'm a lib but I'm extremely against 420 too. I believe the war on drugs needs to be intensified with more life sentences to get more dangerous people off the street so kids can stay safe from drugs. When something is legal people don't question it

3 months ago Joe in texas


Your Democrat President had eight years to do something about the prohibition and did nothing. Too bad you don't expect the same results from Democrats as you do Republicans. How many people went to jail in the last eight years over weed?

3 months ago Paul Preston


Exactly my point they get all sanctimonious against marijuana but they don't move a finger against alcohol and cigarettes which are way more dangerous. Am I correct to assume that Conservatives have money invested in the Cigarette industry as well as the booze making?

3 months ago Thomas CNSRV


We aren't, JAGOFF! I see the benefits of weed versus psychotic drugs for those that SERVED in the U.S.Military, and are "STILL ALIVE" , despite their suffering from P.T.S.D.! I know a former Army volunteer that grew weed, that would put Colorado and California weed, to THE TEST! Toke on, brother. STOP hating Conservatives!!!!!!!!!!!

3 months ago Kristine


How many Cons have you asked?? I do. Did you know that OBAMA has been fighting AGAINST Legalization???

3 months ago Harold


I don't care what you do as long as you pay for it

3 months ago


Why do libs think doing one bad thing justifies doing another bad thing?

3 months ago BigBadSteve


There's always a steady stream, it just seems a fair few popular ones have gone in the last weeks of the year.

3 months ago Remy


it happens

3 months ago Charlesetta


Why not?

3 months ago CAB


Well that liquor in the nighttime leaves strange memories Seems like a lifetime since yesterday. Come the daybreak, come tommorow, that woman's waited up all night for me again.....


Alcohol and nighttime make the moon turn red.

3 months ago Sportsdude


That's where Ana and I have the roughest sex 😏😏😏 When she's drunk, she makes me slap her in the face with my dïck all the time and tells me, "Slap me harder baby. I'm your dirty little slut." And then she'll say, "I want all your hot and juicy cüm all over my face, baby, gimmie some," and when she's jerkin' me she starts shouting "OH MY FÜCKIN GOD CÜM FOR ME BABY, I WANT IT ALL IN MOUTH AND TO DRIP DOWN TO MY TÎTS." 😏😏😏😏😏 And everytime she does that I nearly drown her with record size loads so I can watch her swallow it al 😏😏😏 She handles my cüm like a pro, fam 😍😍😍😍 someone should give her an award for being such a queen 😍😍😍😍

3 months ago AussieEDM


night time is okay in winter, bcos in summer i get scared of the bugs... alcohol? well that i find good too but only on a rare basis and im not a drinker

3 months ago Carol


I like them both.

3 months ago Lauren


Sounds like some rough sexual intercourse to me 😏😏😏 D'Angelo takes longer to cùm when he's drunk 😩😩😩 which means more orgasms for me... I like it when he wears a suit.... because I like to unbuckle the belt 😜😜😜

3 months ago Pronk


Waking up in puddles of puke.. Maybe.

3 months ago JJ


I have no opinion on the subject. Subject I have no opinion on.

3 months ago Chance


Its hard to get home then

3 months ago ari


Yes very sick indeed! The #2 killer drug on the planet which kills hundreds per day is viciously Defended by alcohol users and weed the least of the killers is their #1 don't legalize that drug! Perhaps they know if marijuana is legalized everybody will be happy and high and say no more alcohol! Because it's a dangerous killer that makes hundred violently break the law and kills people in car crash's! Who ever got killed by a pothead driving a car? Uh nobody! Tests have proven a person high on weed is slightly less likely to have an accident than a non high driver! A stoned person knows he's stoned and he's afraid of getting stopped because of the smell of marijuana! And going to jail! A drunk has no fear at all and will brag all the way up to the fatal crash how good he can drive drunk!

3 months ago Otoshigami


If marijuana becomes legal it will be with taxes. Alcohol years ago was illegal too, and now you can consume it paying a little bit more.

3 months ago STEVEN F


Even if that is true, you have ZERO evidence. For all you know, most alcoholic judges ACTIVELY support legalizing marijuana.

3 months ago Athena


Site your source.

3 months ago notned


Like funny ha ha or funny odd?

3 months ago SomeG


What is your source?

3 months ago


Wait until you take World History and see what it used to be like. These days are a huge improvement over what we used to do. Look up what it means to be hanged, drawn and quartered. That was a common method of execution. Ick.

3 months ago


We know Queenstar....you are also someone who suffers from mild mental retardation and repeats this same ole tired spam again and again. It's quite boring dear! Here is your Internet history look back at some of the comments and stop repeating this bore gore! Thanks!!!!! https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-att-us&source=android-browser&q=My+name+is+Queenstar+Betty+Amoah%2C+I+am+a+24+year+old+Ghanaian+female%2C+and+I+am+a+good+girl+because+I+don't+smoke%2C+I+don't+drink+alcohol%2C+and+I+don't+do+drugs.+I+don't+have+any+sexually+transmitted+diseases.+I+graduated+High+School+and+obtained+a+Diploma.+I+have%C2%A0

3 months ago robert x


and your question is?

3 months ago broeklien


14 servings of alcohol per week is ok for a woman to prevent permanent negative effect. 20 for a man.

4 months ago


The muslims say alcohol is toxic and it eats the cell walls of your organs away. Hence alcohol and gasoline is flammable. Ammonia and chlorine is an invisible toxin too that spreads in the water, it bleaches clothes and kills fish.

4 months ago Mike M 7


1 bourbon 1 scotch 1 beer

4 months ago Mihalis


I'll have a Winston.

4 months ago Jason


I'll have a Long Island Iced Tea, thanks.

4 months ago ChemoAngel


Whiskey Sour please.

4 months ago backahead


Arrowroot will remove the grease. Put a cottonball with favorite scent and drop in the container to make it smell nice or leave it neutral.

4 months ago chrisjbsc


A little bit, no. Everyday, yes.

4 months ago Ferre



4 months ago kelvin


it won't do anything for your hair