4 months ago

I'm not talking about "eye boogers", I'm talking about this weird white dust-like (almost like sand) outside the outer corners of the eye. The thing is sometimes it shows up sometimes it doesn'tI guess I do cry in my sleep sometimes so that's what that was. Thanks!

4 months ago Gert


That's the sand the sandman puts in your eyes at night so you'll sleep.

4 months ago Christina


eye crust....dried up "eye boogers"

4 months ago Lisa


There are laws against leaving minor children home alone.The dog is in great pain.Would they still be too busy to talk if YOU were the one who was stumbling, shaking and limping? Is there an adult nearby that is trustworthy who could come look at the dog and give you somr advice? The dog might have had a stroke or it could be broken bones.

4 months ago Lorraine


It is essential that he spends time alone otherwise he can develop separation anxiety and not become confident and happy on his own. Doesn't have to be hours but four or so is fine.

4 months ago Mordecai


2 walks per day. Morning and Evening.

4 months ago Blubber


There is a reason the landlord only gives the occupant ONE key that can't be copied. The landlord has the right to restrict how many people occupy a rental. Your brother should read his lease. If he lets you live there, he will be in violation of his tenant/landlord contract. Your brother could be evicted. What then?

4 months ago Cathi K


One room or one bedroom? If it is a one room studio most likely it is 2 people max and that is usually intended for a couple. In reality, it would not take long for you to get uncomfortable in those tight quarters. Ultimately it is up to the landlord.

4 months ago Stoo


You were thinking this - does your brother think the same way? And his landlord? I wouldn't want my brother just arbitrarily thinking he can crash at my small apartment. And the landlord might have issues with how many people can fit in a unit.

4 months ago coraann


It is called a studio apartment and only one person can be approved to live in it. Two people would be required to rent a regular one or two bedroom apartment.

4 months ago Maxi


You brother would have to ask permission from his landlord

4 months ago pppppppppp


Split the rent w him and make a key on your own.

4 months ago Billy T


You can't be telling us the whole story. Something is missing here. There's a common denominator in every sub-story you mention: you. If everyone is reacting the same way, there is definately a reason for it. Do you have piercings? Like a nose point and a cheek point, connected by a chain? Or 20 earrings? Something. Do you have an open visible wound?

4 months ago nickyloona


When I had two cats, They did not think of each other as siblings. One of them (skidder) would dominate the other and bully her (Coletta). Skidder was a nice cat, but he wanted all of the attention. Coletta knew they were not siblings, in fact I'm sure she realized that she had been separated from her own brother. My point is that cats can understand who is family and who is not. Think of it like this: If you were an adopted child, you would look different from your adoptive family, at some point you would realize you aren't truly related. Cats are similar, even if they believe it for a while, they will realize they aren't related. However, I believe raising two kittens is a great idea, just be sure to treat them equally, even if one acts more hostile.

4 months ago Lisa


No, they will KNOW that they aren't siblings and it works this same way with dogs: they KNOW they aren't siblings. Furthermore, the dogs will bond better to each other than to the opwner and will be more than twice as hard as one puppy to train.

4 months ago Ocimom


Yes in a way - they will be friends and buddies. Be sure the kittens are spayed/neutered by 4 months old so they won't breed and get pregnant.

4 months ago


No not like that, I mean I read once that puppies will remember there brothers sister parents etc by scent, and wow, I was asking a question! No need to call me a fool! I didn't know I read it once in a book but didnt know if it was true! Thanks a lot!

4 months ago Rae


Animals don't have any concept of family, they do not recognize brother or sister.

4 months ago Kevin


Getting them to tell you 'what' they think, may be tricky.

4 months ago VITTORIO


Hmm! Just don't tell them!

4 months ago Barnes


Do you honestly believe that these animals know about relatives? If so, you are slightly deluded.

4 months ago Dave


Just fap again

4 months ago Not Kenny


Try to sell weed to a policeman.

4 months ago just


Tie a knot in it

4 months ago stephen


Avoid watching porn.

4 months ago Ƭᴼᵀᴼᴿᴼ


Do you ask this same question EVERY TIME you jerk yourself off?!?

4 months ago Polar Bear


Because when you came it took a lot of energy out of you from riding Hubby's dick. Most couple sleep better after they are through have sex with each other. Also you are more relaxed after having an orgasm.

4 months ago praveen


After 15-30 minutes get it done an oral so as to make it up . Start the game afresh.

4 months ago Pyromaniac


Refractory time.

4 months ago pit bulls bite


me too

4 months ago Herley


All you need is a bed, a pillow, a pair of headphones, internet access and YouTube. Seach for "binaural beats sleep." You can thank me tomorrow after you wake up in the morning from your long deep sleep.

4 months ago Bill


Should have been on a small boy, life is good..................

4 months ago Kevin


Thanks for the story about how you could not hack it...