8 years ago IaskYouanswer

Why should you know about sexually-transmitted diseases or infections? What all apply? A. Some STDs are passed on through genetics B. Some STDs cause cancer C. If you have an STD you won't be able to date anyone D. Some STDs can make women unable to have children

8 years ago LINDSEY S


all accept for C plus condoms are not always 100% effective for stds that take genital to gential contact for transmission. always make sure that u get tested regularally if u are having sex a lot. for C u can date some one if u have an std but u have to be responsable and let your partner know specially if u plan on being in a serious relationship with them. never trust a guy when they say they are clean and give u some excuse not to use a condom. 1 in 5 have genital herpes and 80% of the population has the oral type.