8 years ago cannonball

When you think about it, humans are absolutely filthy when it comes to sex. The percentages of folks with herpes are so very high. And then you have all of the others: gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, genital warts, crabs, AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc, etc, etc. Why do humans get so many sexually transmitted diseases whereas animals get none? What is it with humans? Why does nature punish humans for having sex whereas animals can have as many sexual partners as they want and not get a disease?

8 years ago malancam55


There's a number or reasons for the APPARENT high incidence of STDs in humans: 1/ Sex is a common and easily studied activity among humans, unlike animals to whom we don't have the same motivation to study in this aspect. 2/ Humans are able to modify their environments rather more successfully than other species. They can become almost invulnerable to many influences, hence Nature responds by increasing the number of maladies afflicting humans to control their unrestrained overpopulation. 3/ Animals DO get STDs. Koalas' are rife with chlamydia, armadillos' are the ONLY animal affected by syphilis (and transmittable to humans) and some monkeys have been implicated (in/accurately ?) with the spread of AIDS. Crabs are lice and as animals are infestations rather than diseases. Their spread CAN involve sexual contact but not necessarily -- just lke nits (head lice) -- and are readily found among other animals. Genital warts are warts on genitals.Warts are papiloma virus's that can involve contact other than sexual to spread on many animals not just humans. Too, many animals have sexually transmitted infertility ailments that are identified and spread by researchers amongst pest populations to reduce plaguing. Whilst many animal illness's are related to human maladies not all are transmittable between animals and human, and when they do (zoonoses) not all require sexual interaction.