8 years ago colton c

Hello everyone, my friend has a root canal and she is in alot of pain, she's getting it treated tomorrow, but that's still aways a way considering how much pain she's in. Is there any home remedies you out there know of to use, to temporarily relieve the pain? Even if only a little, I'd really like to help her out, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. -She's also has taken some pain relievers to try and help, but it's not doing much. thanks so far guys. She's taken some ibprofens(sp?) so maybe it will start to get effective, anymore help is great.


*She should have asked for some pain pills. Generally they give Hydrocodone. Ibuprofen is good for dental pain and this comes from my dentist. I have been threw many root canals. She may have TMJ as well. This gives me pain after a trip at the dentist. Hope this helps.