4 months ago

Okay, so I received a shot for strep in late August,2016. Now it s December 30,2016 and it still hurts where the nurse administered the shot. Another thing is that my left leg went numb after the shot and i was in intense pain for about 5 minutes. So is the area where the shot was given still supposed to hurt.

4 months ago anna


You have to back to the doctor ASAP. That's not right.

4 months ago matt


No thats not right

4 months ago Serene E


Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

4 months ago M


It's usually not possible to climb out of a deep pit of depression alone. With a helping hand, however, one can succeed. Here is a helpful link: https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magaz...

4 months ago Megan


Well you can't say much to push the other to have hope/life is worth it... if you feel the same way... you know? (Hypocritical). Maybe just find a way to make it "yall against the world" kinda thing. To save one, you will both have to get out of it. I hope that makes sense.

4 months ago Charmander


Tell her that she will be hurting everyone around her Calm her and remind her of the good things in the world


None of your business. She can do whatever she wants to do, not you. You shouldn't control her. If she wants to commit suicide, its not your business.

4 months ago


It is wrong to say it. Since saying it does make it a "social" statement, and subjects it to "social" judgment, just keep it to yourself.

4 months ago


I do enjoy the occasional line of coke, once in a blue moon, but I'm not not sure if that counts as being a druggie or a hippy. How is your life? You sound a bit frustrated.


Nope. I've been friends with a few people who self-identified as hippies, but they also were Christians. They thought Jesus was the first hippie, actually.

4 months ago justagrandma


I've never seen a study on atheists and drug use, but I can't imagine that people who are actually atheists do drugs more than people who believe in God, but just aren't involved too much in any church.

4 months ago jpopelish


More of a nerd than a hippie. But if cut black tea is a drug, then guilty as charged. -- Regards, John Popelish

4 months ago Bernd


No. Most study and practice science to have a better undertanding of our planet and workings of the universe.

4 months ago Evan


I don't. I own my own home, where I live with my one and only wife of 25 years with no children in an Australian capital city, and neither drink alcohol nor take drugs. Not sure why you'd think or suggest what you did in your question.

4 months ago Lena


Bill Gates says hello. Warren Buffet and Ted Turner too.

4 months ago poldi


Atheists do not believe in the existence of any deities. Where in that definition does it say anything about plastic bags or drugs...?

4 months ago The Talking Snake


Calm down, RETARD ! Just because you have horrible parents, its no reason to act like a typical christian douche-bag. Try growing up a little...Okay, kid.

4 months ago Mog


It's a function of the body

4 months ago i talk about poop


Sounds like a sh*t of an experiace.

4 months ago kelvin


troll harder as school is out for another 10 days

4 months ago


hey , it's fecal fetish guy . you forgot the part about eating the yogurt that keeps you regular . please for the love of god , get help for your mental disorders .

4 months ago Max Hoopla


Thank you for sharing your story with us.


don't get me pregnant!!

4 months ago Sagan Ritual


You know, it's really too bad that the only way God can motivate people is with his big stick. I would think that an infinitely wise God could come up with something better. Are you sure your god isn't some demon masquerading as the true, infinitely wise and infinitely loving God? I mean, he doesn't sound very almighty to me. He sounds rather pathetic.

4 months ago Mary


You have read a lot of the Bible. Read the Book of Revelations to find out what happens to those who mock God.

4 months ago Juli


Still drinking that JW Kool_Aid, L'nya?

4 months ago EddieJ


Why do you quote the Bible? The Bible is meaningless. There is no real evidence that Jesus ever existed. And, the anonymous blue avatar of shame mean you have no credibility.

4 months ago dead fundie


There is of course no reason to believe any of that will occur. You could simply copy & paste "I'm a lunatic," and we'd get the idea.

4 months ago Forrest Toney


Mal 3&4 : "Who can stand when He appears ."

4 months ago Bill P


He already has, through His son Jesus Christ. Yet you and many others reject Him. Why?

4 months ago G C


All knees will bow.

4 months ago GK


It could be a boil, don't panic, I have had one of these - it will go away. They are so painful. You may need to speak to a doctor.

4 months ago Robert J


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