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Prov 27:11; Psalms 83:18;Rev 16:14,16. Jesus said he is his Father's REPRESENTATIVE and does nothing of his own iniative but what the Father tells him and his Father gave him his Approval-John 7:29; John 8:28,42. The Almighty God has NEVER been told what to do nor is He anyone's REPRESENTATIVE nor needs...

4 months ago Sagan Ritual


You know, it's really too bad that the only way God can motivate people is with his big stick. I would think that an infinitely wise God could come up with something better. Are you sure your god isn't some demon masquerading as the true, infinitely wise and infinitely loving God? I mean, he doesn't sound very almighty to me. He sounds rather pathetic.

4 months ago Mary


You have read a lot of the Bible. Read the Book of Revelations to find out what happens to those who mock God.

4 months ago Juli


Still drinking that JW Kool_Aid, L'nya?

4 months ago EddieJ


Why do you quote the Bible? The Bible is meaningless. There is no real evidence that Jesus ever existed. And, the anonymous blue avatar of shame mean you have no credibility.

4 months ago dead fundie


There is of course no reason to believe any of that will occur. You could simply copy & paste "I'm a lunatic," and we'd get the idea.

4 months ago Forrest Toney


Mal 3&4 : "Who can stand when He appears ."

4 months ago Bill P


He already has, through His son Jesus Christ. Yet you and many others reject Him. Why?

4 months ago G C


All knees will bow.

4 months ago GK


It could be a boil, don't panic, I have had one of these - it will go away. They are so painful. You may need to speak to a doctor.

4 months ago Robert J


I don't use routinely use github. However, for general html & php work, "Webuilder" is excellent. It's an editor with project management and FTP built in. I suspect that if you set the project directory to the same directory structure as you use with git, it would work quite well. You would need to do a manual update separately or after quitting the program. (A batch file to do the git update with a click, or run both from a single shortcut??) https://www.webuilderapp.com/ There is a free trial and it's not particularly expensive anyway.

4 months ago Bingalee


I can't take any medication that contains codeine so it won't worry me.

4 months ago zafir


That really is old news. And doctors have no problem prescribing codeine products for patients who need them.

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Seamless bikinis, seamless cheekinis, or thongs.

4 months ago jim


Kidney stones

4 months ago nobby


What do you think anyone her can do? You need to see a doctor, no one can diagnose or treat you over the Internet.

4 months ago Wise Cracker


Bullet to the brain. If you don't have a gun then just jump from a tall building, it's just as painless.

4 months ago ice


you don't thing will get better soon and if you kill yourself the people who have upset you will think that they have won by making you kill yourself

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4 months ago Danzig


Quick and painless

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If you're black, the police will do it for you.

4 months ago ?


by liviing life to the fullest then dying when youo are supposed to :)

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by doing good deeds for others until you get old and die

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I will do it for you


Killing yourself is stupid.

4 months ago Anna E


I think it may depend on your pain threshold. I have had 3 root canals and can honestly say that the worst part was the injection in the roof of my mouth with the two upper teeth. I had A LOT of pain before the root canals however, so it was a relief to be getting them taken care of. Total time for me was about an hour and there was no actual pain during the procedure. There was some discomfort afterwards and they gave me a prescription for Vicodin for pain, but Ibuprofen actually worked for me so I never even got the prescription filled.

4 months ago Vagar


Just had the surgery today. My second one. The first, I screamed for two solid hours (I'm a 40 some year old man with a relatively high pain tolerance I thought) and refused to go back there for the follow up appointments for the crown. The second one (today, was about 45 minutes and relatively painless. It depends on the tooth and the dentist. With the abscess, that needs to get fixed before your root canal. Try the surgery with it, and not only will it hurt like hell, you'll be open to all kinds of infection. Good luck.

4 months ago B


Make sure to get a script from them for pain meds, ask for written aftercare instructions and follow them. Get a thermometer to check for fever after the procedure.