6 years ago Gary

How long can a heart attack last before it kills you? My father recently passed away after a heart attack. I'm not sure if someone had gotten to him sooner if he'd still be alive? I've heard many people have survived after a heart attack. Can some kill you in as little as 5-15 minutes, or does it take an hour. I am really concerned and I don't want it to eat away at me. Thank you for your information it means so much to me.

6 years ago MÄTRÍX


Once the blood has stopped flowing to the brain, within couple of minutes total necrosis of the cerebral neurons begins occurring very rapidly and is irreversible. Now, a heart attack is when an area of the heart is not getting enough blood flow and dies, compared to a cardiac arrest, which is essentially when the heart stops beating. So, if your father's heart had chances to be revived by defibrillation or other mechanism even after 5-15 minutes, there would have been no chance for his brain to take over the control of his body's functions. Good Health!