9 years ago george d

I've had chest discomfort for almost 2 months now. The discomfort always goes away when I press down on parts of my ribs. However, the slight pain always occurs in different parts of the left chest. I've also been having jaw discomfort that feels like a growing pimple in the area where the neck joins the lower jaw on both sides of my face. My doctors did an EKG, listened to my heart beat, did an x-ray, tested my blood, and said I am fine. I am 16 years old and I am afraid I might have a heart attack. Any suggestions?

9 years ago MikeTez S


An ECG will have revealed if you have had a heart attack, also a blood test will have shown something. When I was 28 I had a heart attack and had no jaw ache, no pain on my left side, just a crushing feeling in the centre of my chest. I thought I was OK cause I didnt have any of the above 'commonly' reported symptons ( I thought that you were only having a heart attack if you felt shooting pains down your left arm) - Bottom line, never take chances with chest pain, whatever your age. By all means get a second opinion on the chest pain, but after the tests you've had I would rule out heart problems. Also, a high percentage of patients who have sufferred a heart attack dont get any Jaw pain or left sided shooting pains. If this is your guide to deciding whether you are having a heart attack, you could be putting yourself in danger.