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Assalamualykum! I used to be a so called Muslim but things changed and I started following Islam with my heart. I pray 5 times a day plus tahjjud, I started niqab, I fast most of the Monday and Thursdays, I run pages about Islam on social media, I try my best to follow the Sunnah as much as I could. Alhamdulillah...

4 months ago tentofield


Masturbation is a natural process and it is the best prophylactic against prostate problems later in life. Doctors recommend that all boys and men take the hands-on approach to prostate cancer prevention. Only a malicious god is going to invent a particularly nasty disease and a fun and enjoyable way of preventing it and then make that prevention a sin. If your god, Allah, is not malicious then it doesn't care about your masturbation and is not offended by it. Take yourself in hand as often as you like. It is the religious leaders, not gods who invent sexual repression. Ignore them.

4 months ago Jo


Niqab is wrong and not written in the Quran, I hope you know that right? You are only robbing yourself from rights. Stop following a MAN and follow yourself. The Quran never says a woman should cover herself like that. Back in the day the women only had a scarf wrapped loosely around their heads. Btw masturbation is natural and you should never feel ashamed. Why would you be so strict on yourself? Is it really worth feeling so much pressure and guilt in your life to be ''perfect''?

4 months ago Ruchjat Kosasih


Salam Yes you are right that masturbstion is haram in Islam..Yoir good deeds will be decreased by the major sin of.masturbation.You must always remember that Allah is watching on you while you are.masturbating

4 months ago Sharon S


only to the seals that think they are in the navy. lol

4 months ago just


No, but I once had an acquaintance who was married to one.

4 months ago fodaddy19


I know one, went to the same high school.

4 months ago orchidmg


A thief doesn't need His consent. They have free will and use it to steal. Like some people use it to rape or kill. And other use it to be doctors to heal people, to help the poor and homeless, to be friends with lonely people, to invent something that helps others in a great way, etc. I have no idea where you get that God can give you a heart attack at any moment. Why would He want to do that?


John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

4 months ago Hope is certainty


God never makes anyone sick. You are responsible for your sicknesses.

4 months ago Jota


god doesn't exist

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Not sure about a curse but Trump has created more jobs already and he's not even in office!

4 months ago BigBill


Quick, have more loony-left celebrities criticize Saint Donald the Trump!

4 months ago Yes I republiCAN


If Trump was divinely selected by God then liberals and atheists better keep his name out of their mouths!!

4 months ago Noehair


The entire country is suffering from the Trump curse.

4 months ago Cantankerous


Sounds like Trump has made some sort of dark contract with a demon.

4 months ago Sordenhiemer


The entire country is about to live through the tRUMP curse.

4 months ago PROUD AMERICAN



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no. curses are a figure of speech, but I agree Trump is evil and so is Billy and BigBill death treats should not be tolerated. please report abusive answers and help clean up Y!A

4 months ago Billy


If all the Trump Bashers died, the word would be vastly improved.

4 months ago abby


RIP Debbie Reynolds, she will be missed

4 months ago Mike M 7


i have seen similar things happen to people i know, its sad

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4 months ago Adamismyname


You stayed healthy

4 months ago Pearl L


you got lucky

4 months ago


How disrespectful of everyone. Leave the woman alone. Let her rest in peace.

4 months ago Godless Gazoo


Obviously not a Rouge One fan

4 months ago Lizzy


Obama Care, She couldn't afford that 10,000 dollar deductible

4 months ago


i heard she had some damrnimg evidence against trump! he might have had her picked off and made a coverup of having heart problems!

4 months ago e pluribus unum


Trump and Pence don't kill babies , are not drug addicts nor are they democrats, they are not the dark side.

4 months ago Block


She realized that every liberal male she knows is a Fag.

4 months ago


Liberals can cry a river.

4 months ago Amy


she realized that every liberal male she knows is a fag...

4 months ago Brianna


she realized that every liberal male she knows is a fag...

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4 months ago Sal*UK


Yes (to be truly honest!) I had grandson for a fair few months at that age (daughter was ill with post natal depression) and it nearly killed me!! I was healthy and very fit too but working as well and it was all too much. I adored him though and he is still my baby - calls me Nannymom now and he is 10!

4 months ago Happy Gramps


think about it....you would be 68 when the child is ready for HS graduation, and of course even older when he/she gets out of college

4 months ago DeAnne


yes. Better to adopt one or foster one.

4 months ago


Yup, it is too dangerous

4 months ago taylor



4 months ago Squidmaster


1/ Can you define American? Because most of them are calling anti-Trump pritestors ani-American. It seems weird to call someone anti-American when there's no clear idea as to what "American" is. 2/ Are you CERTAIn every single one of them is Sexist, Racist, and a Homophobe? Thats one hell of an assumption to make when you take into account that more women voted Trump than Hillary, and a LOT of black people and Mexican immigrants also voted Trump. 3/ The government can;t do anything, because the Republicans have taken Congress too. They ARE the government. 4/ THere is no time for Obama to do ANYTHING.

4 months ago hironymus


So the tolerant freedom loving Libs (like you) want to punish people for exercising their constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice. How very democratic of you.

4 months ago Ryde,0n


Misspelling questions on a public forum , even with the advent of ' spellcheck ' is pretty torturous . You could simply continue on as you have been .

4 months ago cindy


You people are the ones that need to be punished.This is democracy.If you don't likevit,try living in Zaire for a year.

4 months ago Justin Thyme


Trump won, he`s our new President.

4 months ago John M


You better hurry, because Jan. 20th is creeping up, and not so slowly. We won't forget your sentiments.

4 months ago JustinD


Spoken like a true fascist.

4 months ago Nosmo


Chump will take care of that himself.

4 months ago fairly smart


Most of them will be losing their SS & Medicaid & stuff that trump & ryan think are too much for poor people.